Cultural Exchanges Reinforce Iran-Palestine Ties

On Wednesday, Khaled Ghodomi, the representative of Hamas to Iran, attended a movie screening at the Broken Olive Branches of Fajr Filmfest in Charsou Cineplex. Speaking to reporters, Ghodomi said he has been to Fajr in the past to watch movies made in Gaza, adding that cinema is a medium for influence and conveying thematic

Dovlatov Wins Critics’ Choice Movie Award 2018

On Thursday, 26 April, the FIFF Critics Circle named Dovlatov (2018), for “its inventive narrative, Chekhovian humor and dreamlike fluidity”, as the crowning achievement in film with the 2018 Critics’ Choice Award. Directed by Alexey German Jr., Dovlatov is a co production of Russia, Poland and Serbia. It is about a few days in the

How Judging Works – Fajr Filmfest

Member of Jury Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar has outlined the qualities that FIFF judges look for in movies when considering and scoring each entry. Ahangar says judging consists of viewing, discussion, voting, and awarding: FIFF is no lesser than its counterparts in the West. In fact, in some cases it is even better. It has

Zolbayar Dorj: Fajr Among Biggest Fests of Asia

Zolbayar Dorj (Born 1972, Mongolia) is a director, producer, cinematographer and writer. His movies include Amour (1996), One Night (1998), Ballad of Crazy Love (2001), I Wish My Mother’s Kiss (2002), Smell of Water (2005), No Right to Die (2008), Meaningful Heads (2011), Genghis Legend of the Ten (2012), and Children of Ghenghis (2017). In

Philippe Ros: I Care About Emotions, Not Technology

Philippe Ros is a special guest of the Fajr International Film Festival. The French cinematographer, digital imaging supervisor, consultant and instructor is specialized in hand-held cameras and ergonomics issues. He is fully acquainted with the digital shooting systems and the postproduction workflows linked to them. He was Digital Imaging Director during five and a half

Olivier Megaton: Everything Is Possible

Olivier Megaton (born Olivier Fontana; 6 August 1965) is best known in Iran by his action movies Taken 2, Taken 3, and Transporter 3. His other films include The Red Siren and Colombiana. Megaton is one of the special guests of the 36th Fajr Filmfest. He had a workshop on writing, directing, and producing action

Interfilm Highlights Enduring Interest Between German Audiences, Iranian Films

Alexander Stein, the CEO of the International Short Film Festival Berlin (Interfilm), and Andrea Schwemmer, a senior programmer at Interfilm and the head of the Short film section of the Arab Film Festival in San Francisco were among the special guests of this year’s Fajr Filmfest. The Press Office of Fajr had a short interview

Master Music Class with Oscar Winner A. R. Rahman

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018 FIFF hosted a music composing master class with A. R. Rahman in Charsou Cineplex. Rahman is a two-time winner of the Academy Awards and five-time nominee of the Academy Awards. He is known as the man who has redefined contemporary Indian music. Rahman has sold more than 200 million copies

Nicola Piovani Pays Tributes to Taviani, Mastroianni at FIFF Concert

On Wednesday, 25 April, Vahdat Hall in Tehran hosted a classical music concert with Italian composer Nicola Piovani, during which the Oscar winner paid tributes to director Vittorio Taviani and actor Marcello Mastroianni. According to the Press Office of Fajr Filmfest, before the concert at 5:00 pm, Vahdat Hall also hosted a master class, titled

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